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Back in the day (circa 2004/2005), there was a lot of talk about trying to create a (Metal Chef) cooking show…While it never actually happened, I did have a lot of support from many Bay Area thrashers, including Ray Vegas Jr (Vio-Lence), Mark Hernandez (Vio-Lence) and Steve “Snake” Green (Skinlab, Re:Ignition).

Three separate, untitled tracks were recorded.

ArtistRay Vegas Jr
TitleMetal Chef Sessions
AlbumMetal Chef Sessions
This is my hand-painted, one-of-a-kind [metal] chef jacket.
Eat your heart out.

This is my hand-painted, one-of-a-kind [metal] chef jacket.

Eat your heart out.

Tour:Smart - And Break The Band | Martin Atkins

I can never thank Martin enough for including me in this book. On the inside cover of my copy, he wrote “Out of the frying pan, into the fire!

Pulse Niagara: October 2005 Bill Adams

Revolver Magazine: Dec 2005 [No.41]| Kristina Feliciano

It would have been really nice if Kristina had bothered to proof-read this before sending it to print (my last name is Merrill, not Miller)…So because of her oversight, I got another mention (and an apology) in the Feb 2006 (No. 42) issue (see last photo). And not that, but she also failed to mention my website in her original article as well. Whatever.

Notwithstanding, this is definitely one of my proudest moments. After all, Revolver is the definitive [metal] magazine, dedicated to metal bands….not chefs. Moreover, If I wasn’t the original Metal Chef, this article wouldn’t have been written about me…it would be about somebody else.


Something else of note, regarding this issue:

  • Pantera’s "Diamond" Darrell Abbott was murdered the previous year (Dec 2004)
  • Avenged Sevenfold’s James Sullivan, died of a drug overdose (Dec 2009)
  • Slipknot’s Paul Grey died of a drug overdose (May 2010)

24 Hours On Craigslist - the Metal Chef segments

My segments were filmed during the summer of 2003 at the Pound. The full documentary wasn’t released until 2005.

I used to run into Derrick Ramirez (Testament, Dragonlord) all the time.

The picture on the left was taken at DNA Lounge (11th & Folsom — just around the corner from Slim’s, in San Francisco) probably during the winter of 2003. The photo on the right…I couldn’t tell you when or where (probably 2005).

It was always a good time whenever we met up.

Kreator, Nile, Vader, Amon Amarth & Goatwhore tour - October 10, 2003 

Pictured left with Goatwhore; on the right with Amon Amarth.

From July - Dec 2003, I catered every show/concert that took place at the Pound (100 Cargo Way, San Francisco).


November 2002: I went on tour (as a chef) with a band out of Oakland, CA, called Skinlab. It was only a five-week tour, of which I was on-board for the first two. We covered a lot of ground in those fourteen days (Nov 25 was my last day on the tour).

This was my first time traveling across the United States in an RV with six of the nicest and coolest people I’d never met before. I’d say things went pretty well…

Pictured L to R: Metalchef (that’s me), Steve "Snake" Green, Steev Esquivel, Glen Telford, Jeff James (tour manager) and Paul Hopkins.

Also on the tour were: DoPE (headliners), Primer55 and Society1 (direct support).

  • Nov 1 FRI - Brooklyn, NY @ L’Amour
  • Nov 3 SUN - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
  • Nov 4 MON - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
  • Nov 6 WED - Aurora, IL @ Rockhouse
  • Nov 7 THU - Freeport, IL @ Klub Phenomenom
  • Nov 8 FRI - Columbus, OH @ Al Rosa Villa
  • Nov 9 SAT - Louisville, KY @ Tekworld
  • Nov 13 WED - Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
  • Nov 14 THU - San Antonio, TC @ Sin 13
  • Nov 15 FRI - Dallas, TX @ Canyon Club
  • Nov 16 SAT - Austin, TX @ Backroom
  • Nov 17 SUN - El Paso, TX @ Vallare Nightclub
  • Nov 19 TUE - Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
  • Nov 20 WED - Los Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory
  • Nov 21 THU - Tempe, AZ @ Bash on Ash
  • Nov 22 FRI - Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy
  • Nov 23 SAT - Las Vegas, NV @ Blue Note
  • Nov 24 SUN - Reno, NV @ Ark-A’Ik
  • Nov 25 MON - San Francisco, CA @ The Pound
  • Nov 26 TUE - Salt Lake City, UT @ Xtreme
  • Nov 27 WED - Denver, CO @ The Bluebird
  • Nov 29 FRI - Bozeman, MT @ The Warehouse
  • Nov 30 SAT - Billings, MT @ The Shrine
  • Dec 2 MON - Omaha, NE @ Ranch Bowl
  • Dec 3 TUE - Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
  • Dec 5 THU - St. Paul, MN @ The Lab
  • Dec 6 FRI - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
  • Dec 7 SAT - Danville, IL @ UAW Hall
  • Dec 8 SUN - Clinton, IA @ Pig Pen
  • Dec 10 TUE - St. Louis, MO @ Pops
  • Dec 11 WED - Cedar Falls, IA @ The Reverb
  • Dec 12 THU- Battle Creek, MI @ Planet Rock
  • Dec 13 FRI - Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
  • Dec 14 SAT - Detroit, MI @ Harpos
  • Dec 15 SUN - Chicago, IL @ Oasis 160

Catering for Testament on Billy Steel’s “Metal Zone" on 107.7 KSAN, San Francisco (circa October 2002). 

What they ate:

  • Poached Figs, Mixed Baby Greens, Strawberry-Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Tomato-Basil Chicken Satays
  • Snap Pea, Red Bell Pepper & Red Onion Stir-fry
  • Caramelized Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Coffee-Infused Baked Chocolate Sabayon with Mille Fois Pastry & Chocolate Espresso Sauce

The very next day, I went on tour with Skinlab for two weeks…

I ended up doing several caterings for the Testament family, as noted in the 3rd picture (taken at Chuck & Tiffany’s house in Antioch, CA).


I also catered for Death Angel on Billy’s show as well, but unfortunately, never had any photos taken…that I recall. ]